What exactly is a Booster?

A Dripping Springs Theatre Booster is a parent/guardian of a student in the theatre or technical theatre programs at DSHS, DSMS, or SSMS that has paid an annual membership due to the Dripping Springs Theatre Booster Club (DSTBC). 

What does the Booster club do?

We provide support in the form of volunteer time and money. Both of these aspects are extremely important! Without volunteers, we cannot raise the necessary funds to support the theatre programs or provide other assistance such as finding props, helping feed the cast and crew, and concessions and admissions. 

Why is this needed? Doesn't the school pay for everything?

The cost to bring a musical to the high school stage is approximately $15,000. The middle school musicals ring in only slightly less. While DSISD is a great supporter of the fine arts programs, district funds do not cover all of the associated costs of a comprehensive educational experience. In addition, our technical theatre programs attempt to expose our students to modern equipment that they would encounter in a professional theatre environment. 

Do we REALLY need all of this fundraising? Where do the funds go?

Yes… we really do! Each year, DSTBC donates thousands of dollars for things like props and costumes for the shows, workshop instructors, master classes, and new equipment. We know that fundraising isn’t everyone’s favorite thing…but it truly is necessary to allow our theatre departments to maintain the current level of performance and success. Fully 100% of money raised goes back into the theatre programs. 

Please take a minute to look at just a small sample of what DSTBC funds and volunteer power did for the theatre programs across all three campuses did last year:

  • Senior student scholarships ($1000)

  • Show related expenses including costumes, props, and dry cleaning at DSHS ($11000), DSMS ($7500), and SSMS ($7500)

  • Transportation costs for student Thespian Festival ($3000)

  • Master Class dance workshop by Broadway's Hamilton Dance Supervisor 

  • Director support ($1000)

  • Underwriting company ticket costs for the Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards night ($500)

  • Fed hundreds of meals to theatre students at competition, long rehearsals, and show days 

  • Ran concessions and ticket booths on show days

OK, when and where do you need my help?

The short answer is just about anywhere. Please fill out the volunteer form on this website and share your superpower!

© 2016 by Dripping Springs Theatre Booster Club. DSTBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Contact DSTBC at TheBoostersOrg@gmail.com


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