Official Dripping Springs Theatre Booster Club Car Decal. Show your support and spirit with this high-quality decal. 100% of the decal cost goes to the DSTBC and our district theatre programs. Made with professional grade vinyl. Each decal is approximately 5.5" x 5.5". 

DSTBC Car Decal

  • All proceeds benefit district theatre programs, therefore no refurnd or returns are available. 



    • Thoroughly clean and dry area where decal is to be applied. Flat areas are recommended.


    • Slowly remove white paper backing. When doing so, assure that the yellow decal remains adhered to the clear transfer film. If any part of the yellow decal remains adhered to the white paper backing, lay the white paper backing back down and burnish the decal to the clear transfer film by rubbing firmly with your fingers.


    • Hold decal with clear transfer film nearest you and decal nearest vehicle. Place decal on desired area starting at one corner and smooth out as you go. Decal will not be able to be repositioned once applied.


    • Burnish decal to vehicle by rubbing firmly with your fingers.


    • Slowly remove the clear transfer film by peeling it away at a 180 degree angle from the decal. The intricate design of this decal lends to smaller pieces sticking to the clear transfer film.  If any portion of the decal remains adhered to the clear transfer film, replace film and burnish to the vehicle by rubbing firmly with your fingers. If this approach doesn’t work, it may be necessary to tease the design edge from the film with the tip of a pin or fingernail.


    • When the clear transfer film is completely removed, burnish decal to your vehicle one final time.


    The vinyl has an outdoor life of approximately six years. It does not require adhesive remover to remove. Use the head of a sewing pin to tease up an edge and pull.


    Do not scrub or rub decal with a brush. A gentle wiping with a soft cloth and mild detergent when washing the vehicle is fine.


    If you are unable to apply the decal to your satisfaction, please let me know.


    Thanks for purchasing the decal to support the club!


    Questions? Need help?

    Norah Martin



© 2016 by Dripping Springs Theatre Booster Club. DSTBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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